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UK Transport for Pebble puts the timetables on your wrist

By Richard Devine on 10 Feb 2014 02:00 pm

Since the release of the Pebble appstore, we're starting to see some real useful tools start to appear for the smartwatch. One such is UK Transport, and in the short time I've been trying it out it's become an essential in my travel arsenal. The principle is simple; it puts public transport information onto your wrist. No companion app on your phone, this one is all Pebble

The developer, Matthew Tole, has done a really good job at keeping it simple, yet informative. You're provided with three options for transportation; Tube, Buses and Trains. For those of us outside London, the latter pair are probably all we'll ever need. Both operate in much the same way, in that they will get your current location before bringing up a list of the nearest bus stops or train stations. You then get to see a list of departure times and destinations for said stop or station. You can't work out a route in this app, but assuming you know the direction you're heading, it gives you up to the minute times. And it's pretty darn accurate. 

If you're in London, then obviously the buses and trains will still be relevant, but you'll also get the added bonus of the Tube status mode. Since nobody ever needs to know when the next train will be departing, UK Transport will keep you on top of the status of each line on the London Underground. If it's experiencing delays, partly suspended or even closed, you'll know about it before you go down the escalator. 

The app is free to download through the Pebble Appstore, so if you're a public transportation reliant Brit, why not give it a whirl? 

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UK Transport for Pebble puts the timetables on your wrist