We already know that sitting at a desk all day is not very conducive to a healthy life. That's why we've seen a huge rise in standing desks and people looking to find ways to be healthier and more productive in their daily lives.

Now a company out of Sonoma County, California is taking pre-orders for a futuristic desk that offers you sitting, standing and even lay-down options. It's called the Altwork Station, and it won't be cheap. It will run you $3900, and that's assuming you order soon and get it during its promotional price period. Otherwise, the price will be jumping to $5900 per unit in the future. While the quality and craftsmanship put into these desks seems worthy of a premium price, it is hard to find the demographic this desk will garner. While laying seems way more comfortable than sitting, it doesn't do much to address the major health issues of sitting all day. The standing desk option is great, but we already have countless of options for that at much cheaper prices. Pre-Orders of the Altwork desk should begin arriving mid-2016.

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Video Source: Altwork

Pre-Order your Altwork Station / $ 3900