Our friends over at KickedTV put out a new video featuring this week's top Kickstarter and Indiegogo products of the week. Hit play on the video below to watch Dan Verville and Kim Gesell show us five new innovative products that should be of interest to some of us Connected Geeks. If you're a frequent flier, you're going to flip over the Space Case suitcase. After seeing it in action, we backed it immediately ... when it arrives later this year it will be time to go on a long overdue vacay and put it to the test! ;)

1. Qlipp Tennis Performance Sensor

This real-time stroke and video analyzer will provide deep insight into the speed, swing, ball spin and more of your tennis game. This little device clips onto your Tennis racket and sends analysis of your play right to your smartphone.

IndieGoGo Fund Page

2. HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle

HidrateMe is a 24 oz. - 710 ml. reusable water bottle, made out of BPA free Tritan plastic that measures the amount of water intake your getting, and gives you friendly reminders to stay hydrated. The bottle comes in many colors and glows when it's time to get hydrated.

HidrateME Kickstarter Page

3. Hank the Beer Tank

Hank the Beer Tank is a fully portable kegerator. Hank plugs into a 12v outlet and brings draft beer on top to any location you desire. Impress friends at your next tailgate, on a boat, an RV, or just simply at home.

Hank the Beer Tank Kickstarter Page

4. Mikme Wireless Microphone

Mikme is the world's first fully wireless recording microphone. Just tap Mikme to start recording audio, and send it via Bluetooth right to your Mikme mobile app for editing, tweaking, adjusting and sharing.

Mikme Wireless Microphone IndieGoGo Page

5. Space Case 1

There is a reason this suitcase was the number one pick by Kim and Dan, and is already way beyond its funding goal. The world's most advanced smart suitcase brings you fingerprint unlocking, global tracking using their smartphone app, a digital scale built into the wheels, and you can even charge your mobile device via its USB hookup.

Space Case 1 Kickstarter Page