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Unannounced Sony smartwatch finds itself at the poolside

Sony's new compact tablet and smartwatch see tease/leak
By Derek Kessler on 24 Aug 2014 11:16 am

Sony may have indadvertedly leaked their own unannounced smaller tablet and a new smartwatch in a promo for the unrelated Sony SmartBand. The fitness band takes the lead in all the rest of the blocks of the Facebook promo page, but in one instead you can find a small unannounced tablet and an unannounced smartwatch. Could it be the rumored Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact and an Android Wear-powered smartwatch. We'll find out more at IFA 2014 in just over a week.

The smartwatch, interestingly, doesn't take many design cues from the previous two generations of the Sony Smartwatch series. The Sony Smartwatch 2 has distinctly body and band divisions, while this teased/leaked smartwatch looks to be something more along the lines of the original Samsung Galaxy Gear and its integrated wrist band.

The tablet displayed looks to be in the 7- to 8-inch range, with a thin and rounded form factor. And, of course, being Sony, the user is watching the latest Spiderman flick by the poolside instead of enjoying being in the actual pool. Sony's products, including the Xperia Z2 Tablet from earlier this year have a tendency to be waterproof, so the poolside setting makes sense.

What do you think, are a smaller Sony tablet and a new Sony smartwatch what you need in your life?

Source: Sony (Facebook); Via: Xperia Blog

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Unannounced Sony smartwatch finds itself at the poolside


Yeah that's what I thought as well. Another interesting feature on the watch is the readable display. It doesn't look on, however, it doesn't look like the old transflective display. Mirasol maybe?

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Is it me or does there appear to be a rather large latch mechanism on this SmartWatch? Similar to what we saw on the Qualcomm Toq maybe where the battery is located in the latch of the band.