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Unboxing the Black Matte Pebble Steel

By Adam Zeis on 5 Mar 2014 04:01 pm

Today is finally the day! I got my hands on my retail Black Matte Pebble Steel — and in turn I'm passing along another stellar unboxing video so you can check out the goods as well. Nothing too fancy here that we didn't see with the original review unit, but we do finally get to see the included leather band that we didn't have a chance to check out before. 

You'll find the same stuff in this box as with the Brushed Stainless model, just with a different watch obviously. There's the Pebble Steel, metal band, leather band, some manuals you'll probably just toss, and of course the charging cable. The box itself is pretty sweet and I like how Pebble did up the packaging for this one, but I do wish there was some kind of tool included so you could change the band on your own.

Enough talk — check out the video above if you're into that sort of thing, then hit up the comments and let us know what you think!

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Unboxing the Black Matte Pebble Steel


I love it! I got mine today, as well. I need to wait until I get home to switch out the band, but the leather isn't bad. It was worth the wait.

Watching this video killed me, still waiting on my black matte pebble. Hopefully I'll see a update soon, ordered over a month ago.

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Got mine a couple days ago. Put on the metal band and found it to be heavy so I went back to the leather.
Also watched several videos on how to resize the metal band and gave it a try. I found it EXTREAMLY HARD to take out extra links. My advice would be to take it to a jewelry place and get them to adjust the size.

I agree that this one was *much* harder to resize than my review unit. I still managed to get it done, but it wasn't nearly as easy this time around. 

I think I would prefer the leather band but I'm still debating between this and a few others. Look good though.

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Beautiful watch. If I had one I think I'd use the metal band.
I'd buy one immediately, if only it was supporting Windows Phone. It's a pity they don't.

Received mine last night. Well worth the wait. The difference in the built quality is immediately noticeable. Heading over to a watch repair place to switch out the band and take some links out at lunch.

Mine shipped today! Can't wait!... But they need to hurry up with that android app update...

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Question for the Matte Black Pebble Steel owners, in the unboxing video above at approximately 1:02, when Adam removes the steel band, it looks like the clasp is silver in colour. Is this just a protective sticker that the band is shipped with or is this the case? I hope its a protective sticker.