Sometimes time flies. Sometimes it melts.

Your phone is your permanent sidekick. It's with you all the time, so you certainly don't need to ever buy a clock. But when they look super cool, need becomes want, and with the write timepiece, your decor becomes more interesting.

Tick Tock

The melting clock is a unique statement piece. Is it inspired by Salvador Dali's surreal art (he was that guy with the pointy mustache)? Was it a gift sent from Wonderland by the Cheshire Cat? Or is there some sort of symbolism about how our minutes, hours, days, and years blend together? Doesn't matter. It just looks cool.

Melting Clock


This melting clock by Thumbs Up features a unique design and can be safely rested on a shelf in your home or office.

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This melting clock is created by Thumbs Up and was designed to sit on a shelf in your home, office, or even on a cubicle wall. It's small form factor (seven by four-and-a-half inches) and carefully balanced weight makes it easy to position on any available ledge. The lustrous trim and ornamental top winder are reminiscent of a pocketwatch and despite the clock's deteriorating appearance, this thing will keep ticking with precision.