So the Lexus Hoverboard isn't ready to do what we need it for, so we had to continue our search for the next best thing. If you are a fan of Casey Neistat, you have probably seen him ripping around New York on his many forms of motorized tech. None of which seems as cool as his beloved Boosted Board.

Boosted Boards are electric longboards that you control with a handheld Bluetooth remote. What originally started as a KickStarter in 2012, finally saw the first Boosted Boards ship in the spring of 2014. Each Bosted Board comes with a 38 Inch Flexible Bamboo Vanguard Deck. Underneath you will find 10 inch wide trucks with 75mm Orangatang wheels. No color variations, and the only design option you can change is a custom name engraving.

What you do get to choose from, are three power options for your electric longboard. The base model has the 1000 watt brushless outrunner motor, can reach up to 18 MPH, climb uphill grades of 10%, and has a range of about 8 miles on a single battery charge. This board weighs the least at about 13.5 lbs, and will set you back a hefty $999.

For $300 more you can get the Boosted Dual Drive 1500 watt longboard. It ups the maximum speed to 20 MPH, can climb 15% hills, but weighs 2lbs more, and brings range down a mile.

Your final option is the $1499 Boosted Dual+ Drive 2000 Watt version. It ups the top speed to 22mph (many reviews have reported going 25+ mph), and will be able to climb 25% hills with ease. The top of the line model will also get you about 7 miles of use and weighs 15lbs.

Of course, the battery range depends on how hard you ride and how many hills you tackle. However, all three price points will come with regenerative braking, and come with a 60-minute fast charger capable of charging your board up to 85% in 30 minutes.

The Boosted Boards also come with a very neat Boosted App. Unfortunately, it is currently only available for iOS. The App tracks battery charge and lets you see the total distance traveled lifetime and on its current trip. It also lets you update the firmware on the board whenever updates are released, and the developers promise an Android version in the future.

While these Boosted Boards are certainly not cheap, they offer a very neat way to get around. Check out Casey Neistat reviewing his rides, and talking about his Boosted Board.

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