Hide your valuables in plain sight!

Under your mattress. Behind the huge painting on your living room wall. In a secret compartment under the desk in your study. Everyone has their favorite hiding place for their money, jewelry, valuables, and for you tough types out there, your weapons. Now, you can add the most inconspicuous looking hidey-hole to your list: the QuickVent Safe with RFID Locking System.


Gone are the days of old-school safes with combinations you need to commit to memory or buttons that you need to push in a particular order. No one will ever think to look for your possessions in the slick and sly QuickVent Safe with RFID Locking System. It looks just like a heating/cooling vent, and who would ever hide anything in there? You, that's who, because you can now hide your possessions in plain sight with this oh-so-awesome safe and access your valuables in seconds with a wave of the QuickVent Safe's RFID card.

The smart key card acts like a key fob to magically unlock your safe. Without the card, no one can access the safe, so you can rest assured knowing your money, jewelry, guns, or valuable documents are kept out of sight and of hands they shouldn't be in, but that they can always be accessed in a flash when needed. The QuickVent Safe blends into any decor and can be installed anywhere in your home, office, or business in about five minutes. Its large compartment provides a storage space of approximately 14 inches by 6.25 inches, with a depth of three inches.

QuickVent Safe with RFID Locking System


The QuickVent Safe looks like a heating and cooling vent so it blends right into your home, and its RFID key card makes it the fastest-access safe on the market.

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High-speed security

The safe's RFID key card makes the QuickVent the fastest-access safe on the market. The safe comes with four keys (two RFID cards, one fob, and one token) and runs on four AA batteries. The included back up battery ensures you never have to worry about being locked out. Up to 16 RFID cards can be associated with the vent safe.