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UP by Jawbone gets new color options in time for spring

Jawbone New Spring Colors
By Sam Sabri on 23 Apr 2014 04:24 pm

Looking to get a new Jawbone fitness tracker? Then you're in luck since the company has just announced three new colors coming to the UP and UP24 families. There's one new color for the UP, while the UP24 gets two new colors. All these colors are spring related.

The UP and UP24 fitness trackers are some of the most comfortable fitness trackers out there. At least that's what our friends at iMore told us when they looked at the top fitness trackers.

Now the UP has the additional color of Navy, while the UP24 has Pink Coral and Lemon Lime as its new color options. The UP starts at $129.99 and the UP24 can be yours for $149.99.

Anyone thinking of getting an UP in these new colors?

Source: Jawbone Via: Twitter

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Reader comments

UP by Jawbone gets new color options in time for spring


Here's my problem with Jawbone. Reading the various reviews around the interwebz, it appears that a large number of owners of the UP24 are reporting the device failing within 2 months of ownership. Both reports of software failing and/or the battery failing, with no help from customer care. With only a 60 day warranty, that just seems pretty crummy on Jawbone's part. For $150 a device that dies at the end of a short warranty period?

I have not owned the UP24, but I owned 7 of the UP v2. I only bought one though. I blew through 6 within a 7 month period. They all failed with random problems. Battery, no sync, both, button broken, internal structure broken by taking it off, etc.

I loved the JB Up, when it worked. Its feature set was perfect except for BT and some sort of screen.The 7th one I wore for ~3 months, it actually lasted a decent amount of time (compared to the others I had) and I ended up getting a Pebble so I gave the UP to my father. Within a week it failed.

I guess I could call up JB and ask for another due to the amount of issues I had with previous versions. I feel I have gotten my money's work out of it. That and I am tired of RMAing the device.