Unfold, scoot, fold, repeat.

For those who love the feel of the feel of cycling, but don't quite have the stamina to make it a primary commuting choice, a new solution has emerged: the URB-E folding electric scooter.

Ride anywhere. Park anywhere.

Never fight for a parking spot again. Never dole out coin after coin to feed the meters. When you roll to work, a restaurant, or wherever your errands take you, the URB-E is there for the ride. Best of all, its carbon fibre, lightweight, aircraft aluminium body folds up for easy carry and storage. Use the URB-E to zip to a transit stop, fold it up and store it on the bus or train, then unleash 15mph of fury between you and your final destination when you hop back on the URB-E.

URB-E Black Label

URB-E Black Label


URB-E's Black Label electric folding scooter model is compact, lightweight, and fun to drive.

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These scooters come in a few different models and colors, but the URB-E Black Label is one of the most popular. Finished in a stealth black powder coat finish, this thing looks sharp. It will go about 20 miles on a full charge and can easily fit into the trunk of a car (a great way to explore a new city on your next road trip). If you're looking for a cost-effective commuting solution, consider checking out URB-E scooters.