Some of these USB Flash Drives are so funny and unique that most people wouldn't know what they are. Here are some of the funniest and most unique ones we've come across.

1. Popsicle

This little Popsicle looks like a fun little keychain you could have attached to your keys but quickly opens up with a 4GB storage device. Delicious backups!

Get the Popsicle USB Drive

2. Clothespin

This wood thumb drive will offer 8GB of storage or help you dry out your clothes.

Get the Wood Clothespin USB Drive

3. Revolver

This little USB Drive looks like a vintage revolver while offering 8GB of Flash storage.

Get the HDE Classic Revolver USB Drive

4. Condom

It looks like a condom wrapper, but the only thing it's keeping safe is the 8GB of data you put on it.

Get the Condom USB Drive

5. SLR Camera

Some unique storage for photography fans with this miniature SLR Camera USB drive. The lens detaches from the camera body to offer 32GB of storage.

Get the SLR Camera USB Drive

6. Thumb-drive

Need a thumb-drive that is a thumb-drive? Get 8 to 64 GB of extra data storage with this thumb thumb-drive.

Get the Thumb Thumb-drive

7. Money Clip

This silver stainless steel money clip doubles as a 8GB USB Flash drive.

Get the Money Clip USB Drive

8. Grenade

This 16GB Silicone Antitank Grenade promises not to blow your data away

Get the 16G Silicone Antitank Grenade

9. Hyper X

Perhaps funny and goofy USB drives are not what you're after. Maybe you just need a thumb drive that packs a whole lot of space? This Kingston DataTraveler Hyper X Predator offers just that with one terabyte of storage in a small compact Flash drive that can easily secure to your keychain.

Get the Kingston DataTravler Hyper X Predator

10. Padlock 2

Maybe instead of goofy or large storage space drives you're looking for security. The Corsair Padlock2 features a secure 256-bit hardware encryption ensuring your 32 GBs of data are kept safe.

Get the Corsair Padlock2