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Use technology to make exercising a bit more enjoyable

By Robert J Nelson on 26 Jun 2014 04:36 pm

MobileFitI currently subscribe to more than a dozen podcasts, and maintain a growing wish list in terms of audiobooks. With many audiobooks measuring in at 10 hours or more, and the roughly 12 hours worth of podcasts that enter my feed each week, some may say I need to cut back so I have time to listen to everything. I'll be honest, that thought does cross my mind from time to time, but instead of cutting back in terms of content I go another route to make sure I have enough listening time. My method is more exercise.

We've covered many aspects of using technology to stay fit and trim during MobileFit month, but there is another point worth making — your exercise time should be fun. It should be something you look forward to doing each day. It also doesn't have to be hard or intense. But to go back to the original point here — your exercise time should be fun — and thanks to technology and digital content this has never been easier. As I mentioned, I listen to podcasts and audiobooks. For example, last weekend I settled in for my Sunday long run with the latest episode of the Android Central podcast.

Some listeners may have been taken aback with how that last episode clocked in at roughly 90 minutes (which is longer than usual), however I took it as the perfect length for a weekend long run. Similarly, a good audiobook often has me taking a few extra laps around the block to avoid stopping at an exciting point in the story. The key for me was when I decided that I would only listen while actively exercising.

Exercise shouldn't be something you try to avoid at all should be enjoyable.

This may be an extreme case for some, but remember, that same 90 minute episode could easily be split between three 30 minute walks, or two 45 minute walks. Suddenly 90 minutes of exercise doesn't sound all that bad. And thanks to the Android Central crew -- 90 minutes of exercise can actually be fun and entertaining. The point I am trying to make is that if you enjoy the time you spend exercising -- it will be something you look forward to doing. If nothing else, this may give you something to think about next time you are sitting stationary while listening to your favorite podcast.

Podcasts and audiobooks may work good when out running or walking, however that is far from the end of how you can use a bit of technology to help encourage some extra time during your exercise sessions. Time spent on a treadmill or a stationary bike is a great opportunity to catch up on some of those shows on your DVR. And along with that train of thought, most will find it relatively easy to prop a tablet up by the controls for easy viewing -- just in case your treadmill (or stationary bike) is not anywhere near a regular television.

We realize these suggestions may seem obvious to some, but in defense of that thought, we also realize that it is sometimes the obvious pieces that are most often overlooked. Bottom line here, taking the prevalence of smartphones, tablets and laptops and combining that with the easy access to digital content and the hardest part of staying entertained during your workouts may end up being in deciding what you watch or listen to.

Is anyone currently using any of these suggestions, or ready to step forward with another idea? Tell us how you stay entertained and make exercise fun (with the help of digital content and technology) in the comments!

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Use technology to make exercising a bit more enjoyable

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I've used digifit for several years and it's great to track heart rate and calories burned if you are goal oriented. My Jay bird bluebuds are obnoxiously expensive, but sound like a dream. Spotify and the like are so much better than being a slave to iTunes like I was for years.
Not technology related, find activities you enjoy. I found cycling due to a bum knee, and it has been a great move.

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