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Using IFTTT and Pushover to get awesome notifications on your Pebble smartwatch

By Adam Zeis on 15 Feb 2014 11:36 am

IFTTT and Pushover make an awesome team and in turn can send awesome notifications to your Pebble smartwatch. You can do simple things like getting weather alerts to the more complex of getting updates for an RSS feed. There are tons of possibilities when using this awesome trio, but if you haven't heard of them before, here's the skinny.

IFTTT (or If This Then That) is an awesome web service that lets you create recipes from various channels to perform tasks. You can set IFTTT to monitor and RSS feed and email you the results, send yourself an SMS on garbage night, let you know if it's going to snow tomorrow — all kinds of fun stuff. 

Pushover is a simple app for Android and iOS that send push notifications to your device. So by combining it with IFTTT, you can get push notifications for certain recipes you create. Sound cool, right?

So before we start, you'll obviously need account on both sides — so head to IFTTT and Pushover and sign up. They're both free! Make sure to grab the Pushover app for either Android or iOS as well.

After you're all setup, make sure you enable Display notifications on Pebble within the Pushover app on Android. Also make sure your Pebble app is set to allow third-party notifications.

iOS users just need to make sure that Pushover notifications are enabled properly and they will automatically send to your Pebble.


Now the fun starts! You can fire up whatever recipes you want using IFTTT. Just add your services (including Pushover) and you're off to the races. Let's see how we could do a simple weather alert for your Pebble.

  • Head to and click Create in the top menu
  • Click This
  • Choose Weather (if you haven't set up the weather channel yet, do so now)
  • Under Triggers choose Today's weather report
  • Choose the time you want the alert, then choose Create Trigger
  • Click That
  • Choose Pushover
  • Choose Send a notification —​ you can edit the message here if you want to, but it's fine to leave it as is
  • Choose Create Action
  • Name your recipe if you want, or just click Create Recipe
  • Done!


You've created a simple recipe that will send a weather notification to your Pebble each day at the time you specified. Now you can dive much further into IFTTT to see what else you can do. There are all kinds of channels and triggers for Facebook, Evernote, RSS, Gmail, Foursquare, Twitter, SMS and more. There are also a ton of pre-made recipes that you can use if you don't want to spend time making your own. Truly some great possibilities with these apps and another awesome use for your Pebble.

What are some IFTTT recipes you use with your Pebble? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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Using IFTTT and Pushover to get awesome notifications on your Pebble smartwatch


Since there is an Android app, I guess there is no reason why this couldn't be replicated with the Galaxy Gear?

Will try in a sec (although can't see any use for myself - a recurring calendar event on garbage week is easier than script driven sms :))

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

Can someone please try this with a Z10? with the android app for Push over install and run on the z10? I assume since it's an android app it will have to remain as an active frame. But even if it does, it would be super to see this running with BB10 and a Pebble.

What about Tasker? I've never tried IFTTT but that is probably because i've been able to do just about anything i want with Tasker.