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Vector 38: Cord cutting

Vector 38: Cord cutting
By Rene Ritchie on 29 Apr 2014 09:59 am

Vector is Mobile Nations' cross-site, cross-platform analysis show where we talk about the hottest topics in the tech industry. On this week's episode Anthony Casella of Mobile Nations joins Rene to talk about cutting the cable and satellite cord, setting up an antenna, getting free over-the-air digital channels, using a home media center, and the pros and cons of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Aereo.

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Vector 38: Cord cutting


Mentioned this on Twitter, but will post here as well. If you are looking to get an OTA DVR, check out Tablo TV. I have been using this device for over a month and it's been great. Simple box that you hook up an antenna and hard drive, then stream to your devices around the home (iPad, Apple TV, Roku, etc).