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Vector 39: Net neutrality and carrier complexity

By Rene Ritchie on 5 May 2014 10:22 am

Vector is Mobile Nations' cross-platform, cross-site analysis show where we take on the most important stories in tech with the smartest people in the industry, from the big picture to granular details, current events to future implications. On today's episode Rene Ritchie and Neal Gompa dive deep into the technology and policies that make net neutrality so complicated in North America, common carriers and local loop unbundling, the crippling of DSL, Sprint, the insanity that is 700 MHz and Band 12, Qualcomm's royalty rate, and more. Subscribe and listen along!

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Vector 39: Net neutrality and carrier complexity


Dude... So correct. Net neutrality is worth fighting for. Was reading this article on AC last week which told me how the cost of servers is being passed on to us and the carriers are signing deals with the individual websites to provide a faster connect. All in all only the carriers profit because of us paying higher costs as opposed to what we should pay and the agreements providing a large profit to them too.

Agreed. I'd prefer that content providers all get equal, unrestricted access to the pipes, and sell consumers tiered speed access.

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