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Vector 40: The future of screen size and display density

Vector 40: The future of screen size and display density
By Rene Ritchie on 13 May 2014 11:33 am

Vector is Mobile Nations' cross-site, cross-platform analysis show tackling the biggest stories and issues in tech. On this week's episode Marc Edwards of Bjango talks to Rene about screen sizes and display densities, the different implementations choices made by the different platforms, the road to 1080p and @2x, the advent of 2K, the possibility of @4x, and the question — how big and dense to phones really need to get? Subscribe and listen along!

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Vector 40: The future of screen size and display density


If you ask me the companies manufacturing phones, tablets and such have started using insane screen size and density to compensate for not bringing something new to the market. I mean yes ofcourse the rear buttons by LG and the fingerprint scanner by Apple were pretty good innovations but we haven't seen anything major since a long long time. I get 300 or so pixel density yes the eye can't distinguish between the individual pixels but 400? 500? 2K displays? Is there a need for this kind of a display. Won't this be much better on a TV than a phone? Especially since we don't really use a phone from a mm away!!

Display density is important, but I agree with you in the sense that, once it's past maybe 400 ppi, it's hard to notice a difference. However, with bigger and bigger screens, higher density can get to be less valuable; this leads me to my other point. Yes, many manufacturers have been wielding screen size as a bigger weapon than it is, but it's still valuable. Now don't take this the wrong way - some proposed screen sizes are a bit huge. Personally, though, I'm fine with screens along the lines of 5.5". I'm a proud owner of a Galaxy Note 3, and I get a lot of "Whoa, that's a big-a** phone." I enjoy having a large screen like this mainly because it makes it a lot easier to use: typing, reading, and watching videos are great (I even watch Netflix on it sometimes and it's advantageous to have a big screen).

I like phones with big screens, but some proposed screen sizes are getting a bit large.

Exactly! I agree with you completely but the main point being the fact that it's hard to find a flagship which has screen size in the range of 4-5 other than moto x and iPhone. A few other options by other manufacturers would be great. The mini flagships are full of crap so let's forget those. The only mini that I did find to be commendable in this respect was the xperia z1 compact.