It's like Siri, but super fit!

Already using fitness trackers but need more motivation in the moment during your workouts? Vi is the artificial intelligence personal trainer who lives in your earbuds, knows your fitness goals, and guides you through your workout.

Kickstart your workouts

This Kickstarter campaign brings you the world's most advanced AI trainer and puts it into a set of biosensing earbuds. Vi is perhaps the most tech-friendly personal trainer you'll ever meet. Using a plethora of sensors and connecting with popular apps like Google Fit and Apple Healthkit Vi learns your workout goals and encourages you during your exercise to help meet them. Simply insert the earphones, rest Vi's sensors comfortably against your neck, and you're set!


Vi pairs advanced biosensors with existing fitness apps to help you train better.


Vi is the AI personal trainer living inside a set of biosensing headphones. Yes. The future is here.

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Don't be afraid to talk back

Vi talks to you like an actual person, not a robot, to encourage you during a workout. When she senses your heart rate is too high for fat burning during a run, she'll tell you to slow down. Or she'll count off the miles during a long cycling trip, cheering you past your distance goal. Best of all, you can talk back and ask Vi to log or adjust workouts, switch modes, or even fire up your Apple Music or Spotify tunes. Vi will schedule in your daily or weekly workouts, shoot you a text if your outdoor plans are about to get rained out, and help you take control of your fitness goals!