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This vibrating capsule might help keep you regular

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By Jerry Hildenbrand on 7 May 2014 07:56 pm

Researchers from Tel Aviv's Sourasky Medical Center department of gastroenterology and hepatology have released data that shows a tiny capsule, complete with it's own vibrating motor, could offer help for folks suffering from chronic constipation.

The capsule's contents start their good vibrations about six hours after ingestion, which researchers found is the amount of time it takes for a meal to go from the mouth, through the digestive tract, and get to the intestines. The vibrations will then stimulate the intestines and cause the right kind of muscle contractions, which help keep us all pooping regularly.

While it all sounds like some sort of 12-year-old boy's Internet story, the science here is real and researchers are happy to find what might be a drug-free solution. Millions of people around the globe suffer from chronic constipation and it's one of the most common digestive health disorders. All snickering aside, we hope new innovations in healthcare are a big part of the future and love seeing this sort of medicine. And we know just the accessory for all the happy people it can help.


Reader comments

This vibrating capsule might help keep you regular


So you basically swallow a micro motor and poop it out at the end of the day? Then the sewage will get all sorts of mechanical beings in the future. Beware! For the dawn of the Robotic Sewage Invasion is coming!

This sounds like a condition that isn't cured with just one treatment. Is the device reuseable? Would you want to reuse it?

Like how? After we pooped it out, we'll gonna swallow it again? And how will we get it back? Search for our toilet or wait for it to come out? Hahaha! This is sick right?

Saw this on the Colbert Report the other day... He put it best... If you are constipated, shove a vibrating phone where the sun don't shine :)...

jk... this actually sounds pretty cool

Yeah, it's too difficult to eat fruit and vegs, let's swallow some electronic device :D. Still a nice idea for people with a real condition.

The opening scene (The Worst Bathroom in Scotland) from "Trainspotting" can be the video instructions for retrieval for re-use!