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Video walkthrough: The Asus Zenwatch

By Richard Devine on 5 Sep 2014 09:08 am

Earlier this week Asus unveiled its first foray into the Android Wear space, the Zenwatch. From our initial hands on we've been left really impressed with it, and we're looking forward to it going on sale in October to get some real, quality time with it.

We're still on the ground at IFA 2014 in Berlin, so we're back with a little more Zenwatch goodness. We didn't see much of anything on the software front since like so many others the demo units were all locked in retail mode. But it's a nice watch deserving of a quick video.

And here it is.

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Video walkthrough: The Asus Zenwatch


Id like to see this next to the lg g watch and gear live since dimension wise its bigger. Also wondering how the screen looks outside.

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I'd like a watchface on the 360 that gave the day, date and time like that. I'd really like to just be able to download custom watch faces. Make it happen, moto.