Virgin Media getting more Londoners connected with super-fast broadband

Virgin Media
By Richard Devine on 6 Aug 2014 06:01 am

UK provider, Virgin Media, has today announced plans to get 100,000 more London homes connected to super-fast, fibre optic broadband with an expansion of its network. The new plans will see folks in East London given access to Virgins fibre network that gives download speeds currently of up to 152Mbps.

Initially Bethnal Green, Isle of Dogs, Newham and West Ham will be supported, with work in those areas already underway. Stratford, Poplar, Stepney, Bow and East Ham will follow later. The expansion also means that Virgin Medias TV services including its TiVo offering will also become available in East London.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is rightfully pleased with this new development for London:

"London is earning a reputation for being the Tech capital of Europe and that is why we need to ensure every Londoner is able to access superfast broadband services. It has become a utility that every Londoner expects and this latest expansion is a further welcome step towards making that aim a reality. Improving the connectivity of this great city will be a key part of the Infrastructure Plan for London that my team will be consulting on over the remainder of this summer."

As a Virgin Media customer myself on the 152Mbps connection, I'm excited for the huge number of new people that will be able to experience it. "Up to" often means you're seeing speeds way down on what you could be getting, but coupled with the Superhub 2 I'm frequently getting 150Mbps+ download speeds over my WiFi. Good news indeed for the people of London.

Source: Virgin Media

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Virgin Media getting more Londoners connected with super-fast broadband