At the 2015 LA Auto Show, Volvo showed off what it thinks the interior of future autonomous vehicles will look like, and it's quite something.

The average American spends 26 minutes commuting. Hence, the interior concept has been termed Concept 26. It features three different driving arrangements: Drive, Create, and Relax. The "drive" arrangement is your typical driving mode that we've come to know since the first cars were manufactured. You're in control of the car on the road. When things settle down, and you need to get some work done, just flip the car into "create" mode and the seat goes into free mode allowing you to catch up on some work emails. Finally, there is a "relax" mode that brings relaxation to a whole new level never seen in vehicles interiors before, with a 25-inch monitor in the passenger-side dashboard providing you will entertainment on your commute.

While we may not see these features in cars on the road in the near future, Volvo is taking autonomous vehicles seriously.

News Credit : CNET