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VTech introduces low-tech smartwatch for kids

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jan 2014 01:49 pm

VTech today has introduced a new addition to their Kidizoom line of products. The VTech smartwatch will be geared toward kids in the 6-12 year range and will feature a camera, video editor, voice recorder, timer, clock and some games. The device features a 1.4" color touchscreen and will have 20 different watch faces. VTech's offering will be available in August of this year and will retail for around $65. 

Which brings us to the question: Do you think kids should have a smartwatch? Sound off in the comments!

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Reader comments

VTech introduces low-tech smartwatch for kids


Is this really a smartwatch (does it have any OS compatibility) or is it simply a audio/video watch with games ie a toy.

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Kids should have a smartwatch so they can leave mine alone.

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No, there is no connection whatsover with smartphone. Only communication possible is through USB so very limited. Definitely not considering to buy it.

Seeing kids glued to their phones (toys) already makes me sad. Now this!

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I can understand but its also them learning the future. Technology is all around it. I send my kids outside but I absolutely love the way they are already tech savvy at am early age. My 2 year old knows her way around my phone in a heartbeat. Dont let it make you sad theyre preparing for the future no matter how grim it sometimes might look

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Seems like a mixed bag of views on the watch. It has parental controls that can be set, if your worried about the kids spending too much time on it.

The Leapfrog Leapband is similar in style, but it's an activity tracker that tells them to "wiggle like a bug", earning points etc. Get's them off the couch or Xbox!

I've got more info at my site if anyone's interested, is it ok to leave a link on here?
No probs if not!