Doze off with gentle lighting, wake up with your favorite tunes!

Does a shrieking alarm sound like the perfect way to start your day? Didn't think so. Yet for some reason, that's what we all do! The Aura Connected Alarm Clock is lighting the path for a better way to begin your morning!

Rise and Shine

As much as you'd probably rather sleep in, let's face it. Eventually you have to get out of your warm and cozy bed. The Aura Connected Alarm Clock can help make that a little easier. To ease you out of your slumber, Aura begins glowing with gentle hues, increasing in intensity until you tap on its touch-sensitive surface? Light not enough to pull you out of La-La land? Aura integrates with Spotify and thousands of internet radio stations so you can wake up to your favorite songs every day!

Aura Connected Alarm Clock With Sleep Monitor


The Aura Connected Alarm Clock uses LEDs to help you fall asleep and gently wake up while streaming your favorite music.

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Track your sleep

Besides helping you wake up, Aura can help you sleep better too. Enjoy streaming music as you fall asleep or allow the Aura to autosense the light levels in your room and glow with the perfect radiance to balance and lull you into slumber. Tuck the optional sleep sensor under your mattress to track your sleep cycles, restlessness, and other nighttime information all using an integrated app. Between its soothing light effects, music streaming, and phone charging ports, the Aura Connected Alarm Clock is the perfect companion for your bedside table.