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Wallaby brings personal card recommendations to your wrist

By Adam Zeis on 26 Mar 2014 11:38 am

Wallaby has introduced their app for the Pebble smartwatch, allowing users to easily decide which card to use when making purchases. Wallaby uses intelligent card recommendation technology to determine which card is best and help you save money. With merchant, credit card and financial data all factored in, Wallaby recommends — via your Pebble — which card to use in which situation in order to maximize rewards and bonuses.

The Wallaby app is free for download from the Pebble appstore.

Press Release

Wallaby Introduces Pebble App, Bringing Personal Financial Advice to Your Wrist

Shoppers view intelligent credit card recommendations through Pebble App to save hundreds of dollars each year.

Pasadena, Calif. March 20th, 2014—Wallaby, the leader in mobile and web-based credit card optimization solutions, today announced the launch of Wallaby for Pebble. The product marks the first Pebble Smartwatch app to support real-time financial decision making, and Wallaby's second wearable app, following the release of Pay With Wallaby for Google Glass in February. To further help users spend wisely, Wallaby for Pebble enables users to easily look up their credit card balances across banks right on their Smartwatch.

Wallaby's intelligent card recommendation technology uses merchant, credit card, financial data, and personal preferences to optimize payment choices, and help user’s save money, and earn more rewards. Wallaby for Pebble provides consumers with at-a-glance access to an unbiased recommendation based on Wallaby’s industry-leading algorithms and database of credit card promotions and rewards intelligence.

"The average Wallaby user saves more than $200 per year just by using the right card at the right time," said Matthew Goldman, Founder and CEO of Wallaby Financial. "When you're standing in line you have just a few moments to decide what card to use. With our app for Pebble's leading smartwatch, you can see the right card on your wrist, without having to get out any reminders or other devices."

After installing Wallaby for Pebble, users launch the app to see the best card by store category or click through to a list of nearby stores with the best card recommended. Wallaby for Pebble is free and requires a Wallaby account. To install Wallaby for Pebble, users can visit https://www.walla.by/pebble

Wallaby’s consumer solutions include the Wallaby App (available at www.walla.by/mobile or through the iTunes or Google Play store), and Wallet Boost, a wallet optimization solution (available at https://www.walla.by/boost). The company is also developing the Wallaby Card -- a single card to replace a user’s entire wallet of cards. Users can join the beta wait list for the Wallaby Card at https://www.walla.by

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Wallaby brings personal card recommendations to your wrist


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