A new Kickstarter campaign for a product called Cast is looking for project backing for their new home entertainment hub that can let you watch TV while streaming the feed to your friends.

GENII is a company out of San Francisco and the developers of the Cast. They believe entertainment is no longer a passive experience, rather a social and active one. We've seen the evolution of social video gaming with the rise of popularity in platforms such as Twitch. Now Genii hopes to bring the same kind of platform from their home entertainment hub. The Cast comes composed of 3 elements: the Cast box, a camera, and an HDMI stick. With that, you can cast content from your phone directly onto your television while being able to share and live stream that same feed to your friends. They can be anywhere, in the world and watch it at the same time as you right on their smartphone. It's all in HD (no mention of resolution yet), and you can share that feed with up to six friends at once.

Our "secret sauce" lies in a lightning-fast graphics engine that is capable of receiving, mixing and streaming multiple multimedia sources (video, sound, photos, etc) to several devices at the same time, with no lag. Combined with the "power under the hood", our system makes you forget about technology - and enjoy time with your friends.

Apparently it's all perfectly legal, falling under the "I'm just sharing it with my friends" rule.

Right now, you are probably asking yourself, is this legal? Let's imagine that I invite you to my place tomorrow, to watch a show together on Netflix. It's legal right? Well, we just do it digitally. Acknowledging that CAST offers a friends and family use only: it's legal.

You can video or text chat with your friends while you're all watching that sports game, or tv show, or PPV. Apparently that's legal, right? We'll just leave it at that.

If you're not able to get together with your friends or family for that major tv event, this thing might be pretty cool. Providing it works as well as it all should. Early birds can get the CAST Box for $99 while the complete set with camera and HDMI stick are $199. Those prices will jump to $179 and $299 after its release. The project goal is getting close and estimated delivery on the first units is September 2016.

Find out more and pledge to get your CAST entertainment hub : $99 and up