Your water on autopilot

We live in a world where we expect everything immediately. Aquaautomat is as close to instant as you can get when it comes to making sure you have purified drinking water at just the right temperature for your needs.

Healthy and high-tech

Aquaatomat is a four-stage, reverse-osmosis water purifier that can communicate with your phone, allowing you to control it, keep track of water quality, stay on top of when it's time to change filters, and control water temperature, no matter where you are. Want a piping-hot cup of tea when you wake up? Use your phone to tell your Aquaautomat to get brewing and it'll be ready for you by the time you get downstairs.

This KickStarter can hold five liters of water and uses ZeroCube technology (zero water waste, zero installation, and zero contamination). Aquaautomat removes dissolved impurities, viruses and bacteria found in water, like e. Coli and salmonella, leaving you and your family with clean, pure drinking water.

It goes a step or two beyond regular water filtering devices because it uses a four-stage filtering process. First, the pre-filter removes sediment. Then, a carbon block filter and a reverse-osmosis membrane purify the water. Finally, the carbon post filter punches up the taste of your water.



Aquaautomat is a four-stage, reverse-osmosis water purifier that you can control with your phone remotely, and it will help you keep track of water quality and know when it's time to change filters.

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Say goodbye to your kettle

With Aquaautomat, you can dispense water at four different temperatures for whatever you need: room temperature, 65 degrees, 85 degrees, and 100 degrees Celcius.

The purifier also comes equipped with an easy-to-clean, magnetic drip tray, and a feed tank that holds unfiltered water and also collects rejected water, which can be used around the house to water plants or mop.