Stroke of genius!

Need some equipment for the home gym you'll actually want to use? Choose a fitness machine as beautiful as your sculpted body will be after using it.

All the muscles, none of the strain

Have you ever seen an overweight rower? Didn't think so. That's because the sport of rowing is a total-body workout, using every large muscle group. Invite that level of fitness into your home and exercise routine with the beautiful rowers from WaterRower Classic rowing machine. Rowing boosts your heart rate but unlike a treadmill it is easy on your joints. And if you've never tried rowing before you need to know, it's actually pretty fun!

WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine


The WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine is a beautifully-designed piece of fitness equipment that will give you a full-body workout without adding strain to your joints.

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Fit for a president. Minus the scandals.

These elegant rowers are hand-crafted with an authentic water "flywheel" which simulates the effort of pulling a paddle through water. This machine has no mechanical parts that can wear out over time, so this piece of fitness equipment can last your entire life time. A digital display tracks your heart rate, distance, and other information so you can maintain your target fitness zone for cardio or fat-burning.

Also, each rower is an exquisitely beautiful machine you'll be proud to have in your home. The fact that friends will say "hey, didn't I see that thing on House of Cards," is just a bonus.