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We go hands-on with three new watches from Archos at #CESlive

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jan 2014 12:58 am

Archos will be debuting three new smartwatches before the end of summer and from what we've seen so far, they could already be ahead of the game. Each of the devices are drastically different — the low range model starting at $50 and the top model at $120. 

The low-end model, Archos' direct Pebble competitor, has a black & white memory LCD screen, button controls and boasts 1-2 weeks of battery life. The mid-range device features a capacitive LCD color screen with notifications and various apps. The high-end model has an E-ink display, curved screen and 1-2 week battery life.

Overall it looks like Archos has some great offerings for their first attempt at smartwatches — not only offering up one device, but three. Just a few months until we get to give them the full review treatment, but for now check out the video above for all the goods.

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Reader comments

We go hands-on with three new watches from Archos at #CESlive


The e-ink model is actually a great looking watch. Never been a huge fan of archos stuff but I like the looks of the curved face. I hate the pattern of "probably never for blackberry" though. It sucks that we have to rely on blackberry users to write their own apps to go with the hardware that would also normally come with an app on any other platform.

No official BlackBerry support but there is no reason to believe the android support won't work on BB10.

"BlackBerry never"??? He will regret he ever said that once John Chen completes the comeback by the end of 2014!!!! *sigh*... one can dream...

I like the overall look of the e-ink model, except for the 'eInk' logo on the front! I know certain watches have their technology front-and-centre on the face ('Automatic', 'EcoDrive', and so on) but that's normally in small writing that can be overlooked. Personally (it's all subjective after all!) if I'm wearing a suit (as the arm in the photo is), I'm not wearing a watch that looks like that.
To each their own, of course.