The hilarious Kim Gesell and Dan Verville bring us this week's best crowdfunding projects. While not all of these are connected devices, they do offer innovation and improvements to prior tech and we at Connectedly are all for smarter and more improved products.

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1. Keplero Luxury Wallet

Looking for a unique wallet or credit card holder? The Keplero is the first magnetic luxury wallet made of pure carbon fiber. Precision-milled from a single block of carbon fiber, the Keplero features magnetic layers that snap together and allow quick and easy access to your credit cards. The back of the Keplero features a money clip and the whole wallet with six credit cards is just .35 of an inch thick. The Keplero has pledge spots open that will get you a four card holder for $69 by February 2016, or a six card holder for $129.

Pledge to get your Keplero Luxury Wallet / $ 69.99

2. Westinghouse Nucli Smart Lock

The Westinghouse Nucli Smart lock is a next level door lock that's packed full of high-tech features to give you full control of what happens at your door. It features a fingerprint recognition sensor, camera, voice mail and real-time voice communication. Get notified on your phone when the door bell rings, answer the call to see who is at the door and even remotely open and unlock the door. The Nucli has multiple connectivity options including Wi-Fi, zWave and Bluetooth. The Nucli will auto-lock your doors, and up to 50 virtual keys can be provided for friends and family. The device is battery powered meaning it works even if the power is out and takes just two hours to recharge while lasting up to six months. It supports iOS, Android, and Windows devices and comes in three color options. The $249 pledge spots were quickly taken up, but there are some $338 slots that promise to get you a Nucli Smart Lock by November.

Pledge to get your Westinghouse Nucli Smart Lock / $338 +

3. Brevelo

The Brevelo was designed with one thing in mind, and that's to brew the best cup of coffee possible. It features a built-in grinder and perfectly optimized ratios, temperatures, and steep times. It's also smart, by allowing you to connect to it from your phone and start your coffee brewing remotely. You can even set it to automatically start on by itself when your phone alarm goes off. It is elegantly designed, and compact coming in at just 10 1/2 inches tall. It will work with your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth 4, and gets its power from a regular wall outlet. The Brevet is a single cup coffee maker, but promises the best coffee in the most convenient fashion. Unfortunately it looks like the Brevelo will take some time, a $299 pledge estimates delivery by October 2016.

Pledge to get your Brevelo Coffee Machine / $299

4. The Carson Rodizio Kit

The Carson Kit is a grilling instrument designed to improve your grilling skills. The kit will fit a wide variety of smoker, gas, charcoal, wood and kamado grills. It will even work over a camp fire. It features six adjustable stainless steel skewers with aluminum heat protected handles on two fully automated cooking levels. There are multiple kits depending on the level of grilling your seeking to do. There are $298 BBQ kits available that promise to get you the Carson Kit by March 2016.

Pledge to get your Carson Rodizio Kit / $ 298

5. iBackPack

The iBackPack is a next generation backpack for gadget lovers. It features a built-in battery bank that is expandable all the way to 40,000 mAh of power that is capable of charing six iPads from scratch. It comes with built in GPS tracking, and a Bluetooth Proximity Locator that can help you find your backpack if it ever gets lost. Should your backpack get stolen, just sound the alarm and the backpack siren goes off or can scream "Stop! Thief! This man stole my bag!" from the built-in speaker. The same BlueTooth-enabled speaker lets you bring the party anywhere your backpack goes by playing your favorite tunes. There are four USB connection ports that will let you quickly charge your devices. It can even act as a WiFi hub with with its own 3G and 4G connectivity. There are iOS and Android Apps being developed which will offer you even further security by letting loved ones track where you and your backpack are. There will be many different designs to choose from for your iBackPack including personalized corporate logo ones. Early-bird starter backpacks are available for $99, while Wi-Fi connectivity versions are $199. Delivery is estimated for March 2016.

Pledge to get your iBackPack / $ 99.99 and up