Welcome! Connectedly is Open for Business!

By CrackBerry Kevin on 28 Apr 2014 01:21 pm

Welcome to Connectedly, the greatest website, community and information resource dedicated to the wonderful world of connected devices! Connectedly joins the Mobile Nations family — Android Central, iMore, Windows Phone Central, CrackBerry — to go beyond the smartphone and tablet platforms and explore the emerging world of connected devices that these robust mobile platforms enable.

At Mobile Nations we've been following smartphones since the earliest days, going back to the Handspring Visor, Palm Treo, and original BlackBerry. We've witnessed the evolution and growth of the smartphone industry over the past decade and played our part in the excitement daily. We've covered the news, written the reviews, and operated the world's largest enthusiast communities, all focused on helping owners get the most out of their mobile devices.

The next decade will be focused on making everyday devices smarter and more connected!

Since the beginning, our dream was that one day every phone in the world would be a smartphone. Over a decade later, this is no longer a dream but becoming more and more a reality. We're now entering the post-smartphone era, where every phone in the world will be smart and the next decade will be focused on making everyday (and not-so-everyday) devices smarter and more connected. A recent report by Gartner suggested we'll see more than 26 BILLION connected devices by 2020. That's a HUGE number. And Connectedly will be here to cover them all. It's going to be an exciting ride, so we hope you join us!

The Connectedly Vision and Mission

Connectedly devices

Our aim is simple — we want to establish Connectedly as the premier destination for anything and everything connected. Mobile platforms are at the center of a new era of connected devices, which includes everything from smartwatches to smart thermostats to connected cars and toys (and a whole lot of stuff in between). That makes Connectedly a natural fit for the Mobile Nations network, and a natural extension of our coverage. What's more, this new generation of connected devices will increasingly work with all major mobile platforms, so whether your platform of choice is Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry, you'll want to visit Connectedly often!

Whether your platform is Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry, you'll want to visit Connectedly often!

When it comes to our content, for our daily readers and community members — for all of you tech enthusiasts out there — we'll be covering the latest news and rumors and weighing in with our opinions as it happens. The Mobile Nations slogan is Real Tech for Real People™ and our ongoing goal for Connectedly is to master the smart-verse of connected devices and help everyday consumers and the hyper-connected discover cool new products that enrich their lives. We'll help you decide which connected devices you should buy, and once you buy it, we'll show you how to get the most out of it! We're building out a product buyer's guide to help navigate the connected space, and you will see lots of reviews and guides pop up as we get our hands on products and put them to use.

At the core of every Mobile Nations site are our community members, and we're excited to kickstart the Connectedly community in a BIG way. Just as we have witnessed extreme passion for mobile platforms over the years, we really believe there is a bond among early adopters of smart devices and those who choose to live a connected life — to live "connectedly"! Our Mobile Nations communities have played a big role in the smartphone industry over the years, providing valuable feedback to manufacturers and helping to shape the phones that ultimately land in the hands of the mainstream consumer. We believe the Connectedly community will wield tremendous influence over the years to come as we ramp up to a world filled with billions and billions of connected devices.

Passion and Expertise

One of the reasons we're so excited to launch Connectedly is because we've found quality real world coverage in the connected space to be sorely lacking. Smart products present a big challenge to the traditional "tech" publication. A person who is passionate and knowledgeable about technology can write a great gadget review, but being passionate about technology doesn't necessarily best position you to review a product that's geared at enhancing something from another area of life. For example, think about a wearable fitness tracker like the Fitbit. Sure, a "tech reviewer" can put together an OK review. Personally, if I'm looking to take my fitness to the next level I'd rather read the review on a product like the Fitbit from somebody who's first passion and expertise is fitness and can truly validate the product's benefits and shortcomings.

Reading this and think you could be a Connectedly contributor?

That being the case, over the months ahead you should expect to see a lot of new faces show up on Connectedly as we grow a diverse team of passionate contributors that possess the expertise needed to cover all manners of connected technology. If you're reading this and think you could could be one of those passionate contributors, be sure to send us an email at connectedly@mobilenations.com. The good news is we already have a lot of passion and expertise for connected devices on our team already, so expect to see many of your favorite existing Mobile Nations personalities on Connectedly.

Live Connected.ly!


As you can tell, we're really excited about Connectedly. We've been wanting to launch an all things connected community for well over a year now, but just couldn't find a name and brand that we love. I think we succeeded in epic fashion with Connectedly. It's an actual word, it's absolutely representative of the topic at hand, and it's fun to say! The main website will be hosted at connectedly.com, but we also have connected.ly which will be url you see on social services like Twitter where we're sharing our links to our stories.

In addition to visiting Connectedly.com, we'll be taking the community everywhere you are. Mobile apps are on the way, and you can find Connectedly on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest and BBM Channels (C00391BB9).

Be sure to take a few seconds and register to become a member so you can comment on the stories and participate in the Connectedly Forums.

Explore the site and we hope to see you again, soon. We have BIG plans for Connectedly, and the fun has only just begun!

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Reader comments

Welcome! Connectedly is Open for Business!


Great intro to the site, great links to useful sites, superb layout for menus and accessing forums. Plus awesome first contest!

Hello to everybody!
Awesome site to tech fans, especially wearable’s!!!
I have a question, if someone could be so kind to help me.
Is there, or it will exist in a near future (rumour), a "fusion" between the fitness & sleep devices + traditional smart watches like Sony, Gear and so on...
Appreciate your feedback.
Nuno Araújo

Well atleast the name's better than smartwatchfans which I gotta say was a bit tacky and focussed just on smartwatch which I think was a bit unfair since smartwatch 1)dont have that kind of market penetration ay of now and 2)its better to have a site which takes care of all the other smart devices.

Love all the news about the new gadgets! Great website! I sure want to try lots of stuff that's in here.

I hope to see more on home automation, such as Z-wave devices. Heck, when my new home is built with them, I'll try and put something in here.

and PS - the Steve Jobs with a Touchpad avatar is great! I for one still miss my Palm Pre OS, and still try occasionally to swipe something off the screen of my iPad mini...

Just hope it's not all only in conjunction with iOS and Android.

I'd like to see things to work with WP as well.

Connected home is where it's at. Having all your machines and valuable info connected to your devices so you can control it and receive updates from anywhere. Your fridge, washing machine, dryer, AC, furnace, lights, door locks, security cameras, all controlled by my phone.

Great concept for a site, I don't think there's anything else out there quite like this yet. I'm really interested in all of this connected stuff and glad there's finally a place where it's all consolidated. Can't wait to see what you folks write up about everything from Wifi lightbulbs to onesies that monitor baby's vitals.

I am excited for this new wave of technology and I can't find another site that has this type of focus along with superior writing. You all seem to have the pulse of what is going on in the world. Great job!!!

Yeah! Really digging the redesign!! I need to get more connected devices in my life!! Congrats and best of luck!!!

I'm pretty excited for this site ... I was a CB guy forever, now AC. The whole Mobile Nations team is top notch, I expect nothing less for Connectedly!

On a side note.. who else just added "connectedly" to their dictionary?

That logo, together with the dark blue, is so unbelievably gorgeous! Love it. Great job, folks! :)

I love the new mission statement. Context for reviewing these specific products will be incredibly valuable. I can't wait to read what comes out of this.

Love it. Looking forward to reading and hearing the thoughts of all the contributors to the site.

"Smartwatch Fans" was a really great name and sounds good, but I agree, it was limited to smartwatch subject. Connectedly is a bit harder to pronounce, but everyone will succeed !!!!
I wish you good luck in this huge and connected adventure with a lot of good stuff and posts.

Congratulations kids!

The rebranded name says it all. Now all I need is one or a dozen connected devices and I can be one of the cool kids.

I think it is a good rebranding since smart watches were such a small tech space. Same editor and authors?

I saw there is growth coming. I was just curious if the people who had started with it were continuing and adding more people or if there was a shift in staff.

Congratulations on the rebranded site. I can't wait to read about all the cool new connected devices that will be on here. Especially QNX based ones.

We'll be announcing the first contest on May 1st.... we're finalizing the prize pack right now. It's going to be pretty stellar, involving some of our favorite connected devices to date.

Great name! Looking forward to all the information concerning every way we are connected to devices besides our mobile devices. Dick Tracy here we come!

Nice Name and love the rebranding glad to be a part of it! Stop by the connected Toys & Games Section.

Trust me, you will be. The name is amazing. It grows on you, too. It's funny, it kind of reminds me of CrackBerry in a lot of ways: fun to say, is a word in the dictionary (can only be 1 connectedly!), is about the topic but not in a total spell it out way. And, oddly enough, like CrackBerry, starts with a C, ends in a Y and has a double consonant. Which is weirdly awesome.

I don't think I've ever used that word. Had to look it up in the dictionary to see if it was proper. lol

It'll take a little getting used to, but congrats! Look forward to all the new topics and content. :)

Good luck!

I'll practice saying it in the mirror tonight!

As for the website, it's the first one I've added to my feedly feed in over a year, so I'm definitely excited for the future posts.

I think you guys are all a bit over-confident in your new name. The success of your other sites appears to have gone to your heads a bit (not only you but also Mr Rubino) and some of the smugness I read is little gag worthy. I'll continue to read your sites, and Connectedly (which I agree with others that it is hard to pronounce and after having already read it a dozen times is still far from catching on) will only become "epic" and "awesome" only if the site succeeds. You guys saying it's awesome doesn't make it awesome. A little humility like "We hope you like the name but we think it's awesome" goes a bit better than telling us how awesome it is. If anything made you guys awesome, it was us.

Gotta say, I'm really excited for the new site! This is a busy space with tons of cool stuff to cover, regardless of what phone or tablet you're using.

Is Kermit exited or got some kind of allergic reaction due to the background color? Just kidding... take it with a grain of salt from a colorblind :)