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Get ready for it... June is #MobileFit Month!

By Sam Sabri on 27 May 2014 10:05 am

We're looking forward to making June the month we dedicate to the intersection of technology and fitness. We're going to explore and highlight fitness, diet and health apps for your platform. We're going to explore accessories that help you get the most of your workout. We'll look at connected devices that will help you achieve your fitness goals. June is where we all get #MobileFit.

You'll find great content focused on fitness all month across iMore, Android Central, CrackBerry and Windows Phone Central. This year, #MobileFit will be hosted by Connectedly – our newest community dedicated to the next era of connected devices. Things like smartwatches and wearables are leading the current charge to the next generation of health and fitness, which is why we want to use Connectedly, and their forums, as our basecamp for fitness. You'll still find platform specific content on the site of your choice, but Connectedly is where we'll be hosting content that is more platform agnostic – like which pair of headphones will help you kick ass during your weekend. Here you'll also find our #MobileFit Month forum where you can discuss anything and everything related to Mobile Fit during the month of June.

Mobile Fit doesn't officially start until June, but we figured we'd get the word out so you can get ready. We wanted to share a few of our plans for the month with you and solicit some community feedback to make Mobile Fit all about you.

Fitbit Challenge

This month we're going to be doing a fun challenge for those who have a Fitbit activity tracker. We'll be setting up an activity group where we all compete with one another to be super active. Those that get active in the group will walk (or run) away with some cool new gear. This challenge starts on June 1st, which is this coming Sunday. This gives you time to pick up the Fitbit of your choice before the challenge starts. Already have a Fitbit? Then join the group!

Don't worry, this isn't the only way to win anything during Mobile Fit. We've got a ton of smaller prizes and contests we will be doing throughout the month.

So you don't miss anything, be sure to visit and bookmark, which will serve as the main event page for #mobilefit month and will pull in all related content from across participating sites.

Get social

Could you tell that #MobileFit was going to be our hashtag for the month? We want to see how you use technology to stay fit. Use the hashtag throughout the month to show us and others how you use tech to stay fit and healthy.

We can't wait to get fit with you.

Reader comments

Get ready for it... June is #MobileFit Month!


Poop. I don't have a fitbit. Thanks for offering other ways to stay involved! Good luck everyone! Time to get in shape and see everybody in action! cheers.

No Fitbit, I'm a Withings/Garmin guy, but hopefully there will be something for me even I need to create my own challenge(!) or simply compare to the Fitbit numbers.

well, I HAD a fitbit, then sent my force in for the recall, waiting on their nextgen force. Great products though, I miss mine.

Before anyone accuses me of being a right whiny **** this week I do understand why they opted for Fitbit in terms of coverage. No complaints there.