We've updated our Android app with some important fixes

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By Phil Nickinson on 15 May 2014 03:49 pm

A quick heads up for those of you rocking the official Connectedly App on Android— we've pushed out an update today with a number of important fixes. You're going to want to make sure you download this one, particularly if you've seen increased data usage or are using the widget on your home screen. The fixes apply to all the editorial (ie not the Tapatalk-esque one) apps for all our Mobile Nations sites, including Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore and WPCentral.

Here's the deal:

As we mentioned a couple days ago on Google+, we'd discovered a bug in Android regarding the way a widget writes to disk. As in it wasn't, and it should have been, and so the widget was redownloading items over and over. We've fixed it that bug, so you should see background data use drop.

We've also made some significant changes to memory use and caching in general, which should speed up the app a bit altogether. And for older/lower end devices, we've improved memory handling, which should alleviate crashes those devices were seeing.

Also, we've fixed links that were trying to open YouTube, even if they had no business opening YouTube. And we've done a few UI tweaks — swiping between stories, fixes for some Samsung phones' UIs, and other general good stuff.

You can download any of the Mobile Nations Android apps from these links:

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We've updated our Android app with some important fixes


Very nice.... I opened up Google Play to update, and my phone immediately started updated the Connectedly app, along with the other Mobile Nations Apps.

Posted via Connectedly App

Hi, will there ever be a Connectedly App, like there is a Crackberry App for BlackBerry (10)? Why is there no Connectedly love for BlackBerry? I had to download Connectedly App from Snap to my BlackBerry Z10, like I did previously with Smartwatch Fans App. No hassle, really, aside from being an Android version, but why no native version for BlackBerry?

Posted via Connectedly App