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What was your first smartwatch?

Nano Watch
By Adam Zeis on 8 Jul 2014 11:04 am

With a slew of new smartwatches set to hit the streets over the next few months — including the long-awaited Android Wear devices — I got to thinking a bit about my first smartwatch, and what got me interested in the connected space. For many people it was a newer device like a Pebble or Galaxy Gear, but for me it actually goes back a bit further.

It's true that my current smartwatch addiction truly started with my Pebble, but when I put some thought into it, I actually got hooked on the idea of smartwatches after Apple introduced the 6th generation iPod Nano. The small, square design gave birth to the "Nano Watch" which, when coupled with any number of third-party watch bands, made for a futuristic looking timepiece, but not necessarily a "smartwatch."

Nano Watch

The Nano had a bunch of cool watch faces built in that gave it a unique look, but it didn't have an always-on face — something that doesn't work to well as a watch. You had to physically tap the button to check it, and it of course didn't do much else besides telling the time. No notifications, phone calls, SMS or anything that we'd expect on a watch today, but it was still a start of something new. I keep my Nano with my other smartwatches for nostalgia, and because it's still one of my favorites (even if it doesn't do very much).

What was the one that started it all for you? Were you an early bloomer with an inPulse watch? MetaWatch? Pebble? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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What was your first smartwatch?


Does a calculator watch count?  If so, I had one in the early 80's. Still have it believe it or not!  Made by Casio, it seemed huge then, but is small by today's standards.

My first and only smartwatch is the original pebble. Love the battery life and soo far its serving its purpose. Would love to find out more about the iWatch though

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While not a smart watch, my first interest in expanding the capabilities of a watch, was a Casio Calculator watch from the mid-80's lol I loved that thing. Having the ability to do more then just tell time with my watch intrigued me.

timex datalink but my timex/motorola Beep pager messagewatch was better. basically the pebble before email.
The casio metal T-100 with calculator could store allot of data but like the Timex it wasn't interactive like the message watch.

Sony MBW-150 executive edition. Now this watch screamed premium. Too bad the crappy LCD displayed died on it after a couple years, like many others.

I had the Timex Datalink as well but right now I have a Pebble Steel & love it.

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Mine was a Sony Ericsson bluetooth watch. Can't remember the name, but it send notifications when I got sms or calls. Now I use Pebble Steel until Android Wear watches shrink a little.

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I had the Sony Smartwatch1; it was amazing until I got the Pebble. The physical buttons and epaper screen was worlds better then the LCD that disappeared in the sun and pinching screen motions that didn't always work.

Sony Ericsson MBW-100. Unfortunately, it only worked with SE phones (out of the box, anyway), and my primary phone was a Treo, though I could play with it with my SE K790 (I had a 2nd line at the time).

My first - and only - smart watch was/is a Pebble!

Will probably purchase the Moto 360 and Apple wearable when they are released though!

First was Sony Smartwatch mn2 (was given to me as a gift) then I upgraded to what I have now the Sony Smartwatch SW2. I'm surprised by how much I like it.

I had a Fossil WristPDA w/PalmOS. It has this mini stylus that tucked into the clasp of the band. I had two major beefs with it though: It wasn't water-resistant, and the speaker was far too quiet to be useful for appointment reminders. Still, back in the day, it was pretty cool having a PDA on your wrist.

That would have been cool.  I was a huge Palm fan.  I didn't realize they had made a wristwatch size version.

Mine was was the Wimm One, then came the I'm watch, then the Sony SW1 then Sony SW2 and then Pebble, then the TrueSmart, I bought the first Gear only b/c it was a refurb and it was getting updated and I was notified that my samsung Gear live is at my front door now. So yeah I'm all in - LOL

Sony Smartwatch 2. So underrated, especially after the last update. Always on, full color touch screen. 3-4 days of battery. Water resistant. Seemingly unlimited space for apps and custom watch faces. Uses standard watch bands.

All this for $150. Why so few people bought this watch is beyond me. It does everything the pebble does but is nicer built, aluminum and glass (not counting the $100-more pebble steel) and costs roughly the same.

I'll likely keep mine until it dies or until Android Wear gets really good.

Sony crappy LiveView was my first. Lawd that thing had potential at first but never could keep a connection

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Same here I wore that LiveView for a year or more, it basically hooked me on the idea. Pebble all the way right now though

Back in the day I had something called a MessageWatch. This was before I had a cellphone and it was some sort of a pager. We're talking mid nineties here... ;)
I don't know if these existed in the US or the rest of Europe, but we had these in the Netherlands :)

My first was Microsoft SPOT watch by Fossil. I then had a SPOT watch from Suunto, in fact I used them up until they killed the service in 2012 (highly underrated watches). I then had a WIMM One until it stopped charging late last year. I now have a pebble.

Mine was the Fossil Abacus SPOT watch. It had an induction charging stand that made it so convenient to charge!

Now I have a Pebble, but have ordered the Gear Live to try it out. Time will tell (groan) which one remains on my wrist.

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Same here. First a Fossil SPOT watch, replaced by a Suunto SPOT watch, now a WIMM One. Soon to be a Moto 360.

I am not sure if everyone would agree that this it is a Smartwatch, but mine was a Timex Datalink from the mid 90s, though I can't remember the specific model now. It was cool though!

Yeah baby! (a la Austin Powers)

I had that one too.  It was cool in that it read your appointments from flashing bars on the computer monitor.  I had mine up until recently, but I think it got caught up in a purge cycle and was sent off to the great e-cycle centre in the sky. I eventually replaced it with my Palm Pilot Pro in 1998.

I've been hooked on smatwatches since the InPulse. Even with its measly 4 to 6 hour battery life, I loved the idea of not having to take out my phone out of my pocket every couple of minutes.