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What's your favorite Gear? Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo or Gear Fit?

By Adam Zeis on 24 Feb 2014 02:43 pm

Samsung has announced three new devices — the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. The first two are essentially the same (the Gear 2 Neo lacks a camera) but the Gear Fit is more of a fitness band than a watch. It does pack in some notification capabilities, but the real focus is on the health aspects.

As far as the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo go, the build upon what made the Galaxy Gear a good device and make things better. Slimmer body, changeable strap, home button and Tizen (no more Android here).

As for the choice between the two, it really just comes down to if you want a camera or not (and maybe color if that's your thing).

So we're curious to know which Gear strikes your fancy. Hit up the poll below and let us know!


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What's your favorite Gear? Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo or Gear Fit?


What it comes down to is this: if these devices only work with Samsung Phones, then Samsung has again shot itself in the foot much like they did with the original Galaxy Gear. And if in fact these devices do only work with Samsung phones, I don't think Pebble and Fitbit (other than their Force tracker which has now been recalled) has to worry.

Why? Potentially Samsung had 313.9 million customers in 2013. Samsung has a share of 31% of world's total smartphone.
I am pretty sure if Samsung can even sell 50m Gears in 2014, they have already won on this segment in near future. If Apple releases a smart watch, it will *only* work with iOS devices. Why? beacuse that's the mantra of optimization. Exactly the reason why Samsung is doing this.

Seshu Madhavapeddy, senior VP at Samsung Telecommunications -- "There are certain functionalities we have in this product in terms of how they interact with Galaxy that we really can't replicate on a different platform," he said. "If you offer it on other operating systems or platforms, there would be reduced functionality."

I simply don't believe in hardware/software lock-in personally. Fitbit works on both Android/iOS, the Nike Fuelband only on iOS. The 1st Generation Galaxy Gear is optimized for Samsung Phones/software (unless you root the Gear and install something like NullROM which opens the Gear up). The Pebble works on Android/iOS and with a little tweaking BB10. If the new Samsung watches and Fit tracker with Tizen can be modded with alternative ROM's to bypass Samsung hardware lock-in I'm all in. Otherwise I'm not interested. Apple will of course optimize their iWatch to work optimally with Apple hardware/software but if they open it up to Android/WP8/BB10 it becomes more interesting to me. I'm also keen on the Google watch and how easily it can be modded. I'm not a typical consumer for wearables but I'm not a typical consumer for phones/tablets as well as I'm in a small minority, one that Samsung doesn't care about in terms of customer reach.

You simply don't get it, do you??
Samsung simply *can't* make Gears work with other non-TW phones properly. What would you do about S-Voice, Smart relay function, Chat On on a Nexus or iPhone??
When a senior VP tells you the fact, what else do you expect? I am sure he knows more than anyone about limitations presented.
And please don't compare with Pebble. The functionality of Pebble simply doesn't match that of Gear. I think there's very little to discuss further about this. You're beating a dead horse.

Samsung only, samsung galaxy only, selected samsung galaxy phones only. They confirmed it on the keynote.

I choose accessories for my main devices and not the other way round, sorry sammy I'm not buying these.

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I know I don't hold the popular opinion here, but I think it's the right move to make these devices compatible with only Samsung phones.

With the exception of the Sony smartwatch, other smartwatch makers like the Pebble, Martian, and others had no choice but to make their products compatible across all OEM's. But what would be Samsung's reasoning?

Samsung sells more smartphones and tablets than any other Android OEM combined, (by a large margin indeed), so making the device compatible with only their products still nets them more sales than other smartwatch OEM.

My opinion is that Samsung should make their (non-smartphone/tablet) devices compatible (usable) with all phones/tablets, but have added functionality with their own.

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I can appreciate the desire, but I have yet to hear a compelling reason as to why it would make good business sense to do so?

Companies make products with the hope to gain a competitive advantage on their competition. With over 200 million Samsung devices sold worldwide they could easily sell 50-60 million smartwatches just to their customers alone and the other OEM smartwatch makers wouldn't even be in the ballpark with their combined sales using a platform that stretches across all brands.

Leaning towards NEO:
Unless there's a stand alone skype type app that would let me talk dick-tracy style into my watch without needing a phone that ALSO has that function... I see no need to have a camera on the watch.

I'm liking the Neo as well. I really didn't see the need for a camera on the original gear. I'm also loving that these are waterproof. I'm waiting to see what the prices will be.

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Honestly price would play a major part, but it's between the neo and fit, a camera isn't really necessary for me.

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I really like the design of the fit, the landscape display worn on the inner wrist appeals to me. But I'll likely never buy one, I don't have a Samsung phone or any real intention of getting one, shame. A Razer nabu maybe...

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This is the best explication I've seen for the orientation and +1 on the Nabu thing. I'm still waiting on a dev. account though.

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