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Where to purchase Pebble replacement chargers in the US/Canada, UK, and Europe

Pebble spare cable
By Phil Nickinson on 7 May 2014 09:52 am

You can now buy a spare charger for the Pebble or Pebble Steel.

If you are looking to pick up a spare charging cable for your Pebble or by chance happened to misplace or lose your original there are quite a few places to purchase a new one. No doubt there are many different retailers that offer a replacement cable for sale, however, we've compiled a list of the more well-known ones to ensure you are never without a charge.

Buy your cable directly from Pebble

Your first stop for a spare Pebble cable should be Pebble itself. And you can now buy a spare cable for the Pebble Steel as well as the original Pebble.

Pricing is the same for either model. You can get one cable for $15, or two for $30. Those pricing include shipping. If you're ordering inside the United States, you should receive your spare Pebble cable in four to five days. International shipments — again, covered in the total price already — will take two to four weeks, Pebble says.

Here's the link to buy a spare Pebble cable directly from the company.

Buy a spare Pebble cable from a third-party company

If you're looking for another avenue to buy a spare Pebble cable, there are a number of third-party retailers that have them available. Pricing may vary — and may well have changed from the time we've published this list. So be sure to look before buying. Also note that they might not carry the Pebble Steel cable, so buying directly from Pebble might be your best bet there.

Here's a list of third-party retailers that sell Pebble charging cables.

  • Newegg - Pricing and shipping may vary​
  • I Love My Pebble - Ships to UK, Europe and USA/Canada. Pricing varies from £9.99 GBP to £20.49 GBP according to country/region and method of shipment ​
  • Amazon, Amazon CAAmazon UK - Pricing, vendors, and shipping may vary​
  • Best Buy - $14.99 USD plus applicable tax and shipping fees​
  • eBay - Pricing varies by seller​
  • MobileFun (International Sites) - Approximately $20.99 USD plus applicable tax and shipping fees

If you have come across any other deals or sites that carry the Pebble charger, feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments!

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Where to purchase Pebble replacement chargers in the US/Canada, UK, and Europe


Hopefully the ones for the Pebble Steel will be available soon. I like to have one that stays at home and another one to carry with me when I'm traveling.

Looks like the best deal is to buy direct from Pebble. Glad they are keeping thee price down on that considering it's proprietary.

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App from my Q10!

the deal from pebble sounds cool, eh ?
the least expensive with free shipping and most reliable !! :D

I was just cleaning the contacts on my Fitbit Flex today thinking that this is the last wearable I want to own without wireless charging.