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Which Android Wear device are you most excited for?

G Watch
By Adam Zeis on 26 Jun 2014 01:04 pm

Yesterday's Google I/O keynote had plenty of news — in addition to Android L, Android TV, and Android Auto, there was of course Android Wear. We first heard about Android Wear a few months back, but we hadn't really seen any devices in action until yesterday when the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live were shown off. Both devices went on sale last night via the Google Play Store and will be landing on wrists in just a few weeks time. Noticeably absent was the much-anticipated Moto 360 however.

Both the G Watch and Gear Live look to be some great initial offerings for Android Wear. Both has sleek designs and are packing near-smartphone specs, so they may actually be the smartwatches we've been waiting for.

Of course it was hard not to notice that the Moto 360 didn't get any time in the spotlight. It's perhaps the most talked about Android Wear watch so far, but we still have yet to see a 100% fully functioning, non-demo model in action — but that hasn't stopped people from wanting it.

We're curious to know which Android Wear device (if any) you're most excited for. Will you jump in right out of the gate and pick up a G Watch or Gear Live? Are you waiting for a Moto 360? Something else? Hit up the poll below then drop a comment letting us know your plan!

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Which Android Wear device are you most excited for?


Ordered my G the minute they went live. Looks like a very solid watch. Plus, with the Motorola track record of "later" probably mid August or early September before it ships. Something must be up there. Not saying I won't get it, just impatient and someone lucky will get my G when the 360 comes out. Lol
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Plus I'm a little concerned that the moto will be much more than $250. Thinking more like $350

Honestly I still love the 360 but that small bezel at the bottom. If the Smartwatch 3 had Wear with the 2 design hands down is get the steel version. Might just hold out for HTC.

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Ordered the G Watch. If the 360 has better battery life, I may sell the G.

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Initial reports are saying they are impossible to see outdoors, so until they can improve displays - no thanks.