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Why I wouldn't travel without my Pebble anymore

Pebble and Air Berlin boarding card
By Richard Devine on 12 May 2014 02:03 pm

Smartwatches like the Pebble are still seen as gimmicky by many, but once you start using one it can have a real impact on your daily life. I'm a Pebble owner, and while I wear it most days anyway, there are certain circumstances where it has become an absolute essential. Like travelling.

In recent weeks and months I've travelled both with and without my Pebble and I've been led to one conclusion. I wouldn't willingly travel without it anymore. Here's why.

Apps are useful


Pebble might only be able to hold eight apps at any one time but I've got some in rotation that always go with me when I travel. UK Transport, for example, puts bus and train information on my wrist regardless of where I am. It just figures it out and shows what I need to know. Then there's Pebblenav, keeping me on the right track and usually making sure I don't get lost.

Or how about Flight Track? Using information from FlightAware you're able to keep track of up to three flights at once, all from the Pebble. A recent trip with Air Berlin even put my boarding card on my watch.

There are tons of apps out there to cater to all kinds of different needs. I don't have many specific to travel, but I wouldn't travel without any of them any more.

Notifications on your wrist are just better in a hurry

TripIt notifications on Pebble

The core functionality of the Pebble is what made me fall in love with it in the first place. When you're travelling, you're often in a hurry. Well, I know I am, anyway. Having the notifications on my wrist instead of vibrating in my pocket makes them much easier to action upon. That email can wait, I need to call my wife back, and so on.

But the single most useful notifications are from TripIt. If you're a TripIt Pro subscriber you get push notifications, and that means they can be sent to Pebble. So, those checkin reminders and status updates that get pushed to my iPhone are right where I need them. Close at hand. I don't miss any of them, I don't have to dig in my pockets everytime something vibrates.

It all comes down to convenience. Super, super convenience

Pebble music

Pebble gives me such convenience when travelling that it's become a no-brainer never to leave it behind. Apps, notifications, music controls, even just updating the time when you land in a new time zone and my iPhone clock updates. I can leave my phone in my pocket for much of the trip. And I think that's the best thing about it.

Having all this information, this control, this capability on my wrist has become really important to me when I travel. Travelling without my Pebble leaves me feeling like something is missing. I look at my regular watch frustrated it's not updating me on my flight or giving me playback control over my music. Sure, it's a nice watch, but all it does is look nice and tell the time. Pebble has spoiled me. But in a good way. So I won't travel without it, not unless I really, really have to.

Your thoughts

Do you travel with your Pebble? What makes it so valuable to you on a trip? Or, do you have other areas that your Pebble has become an essential tool that you can't leave home without? Sound off in the comments below!

Reader comments

Why I wouldn't travel without my Pebble anymore


I think the navigation and the other travel notifications would be nice. I'm just not sure that I travel enough for it to be beneficial.

Before reading this article I'd never heard of the Pebble. The first couple paragraphs had me thinking "why not use your phone" but as I read on I started to catch on. I can't travel right now and I don't know if I'd purchase this but I definitely would be willing to borrow it as a trial b/c it sounds like it could be super helpful when on the road. Thanks for expanding my knowledge!

I have a Pebble Steel & love it for all the reasons you mentioned. I can't picture myself going anywhere & not wearing it.

Oops. Just meant I have a Pebble Steel & love it. Besides all the reasons mentioned already I like that I get my text messages on it & can see who's calling

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I like to setup tasks with tasker + PebbleTasker app. There are plenty of possibilities like use it as a remote control for shooting photos and lock the device if it's away from my pebble.

Hmm, makes me more interested in the Pebble than I already was. I don't travel that much, but just 'being able to' is better than not having it at all. I have a lot of travel apps on my phone, even though I rarely need them. I would be interested to see what else the Pebble has to offer...

Directions and instant notifications would definitely be the win(s) in my book! Surely getting one of these soon!

Glad it sounds so useful. I wonder - can you have the QR code on the pebble so that you can just put your wrist on the scanner? That would also make for a much more convenient application.
Wearable tech is basically saving us the hassle/3 seconds of taking that phone out of our pockets to check the time/messages/alerts/menial things. I'm glad it's catching on.

It's tough if I head out without my Pebble, as I catch myself trying to change tracks by tapping on my wrist.

Now I try to avoid that obviously

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Seems like it would be nice to have, especially if you're keeping track of carry ons and children.

I travel with mine. Love the alarms. And just me but I like to have my notifications at hand, pun intended. Lol always have it on most times.