Fresh flowers, hand-picked for your phone.

In a world of plain, protective, phone cases, one designer has created something beautiful and different. House of Blings takes hand-picked wildflowers and turns them into works of art for your phone.

The root of style

The idea was inspired by a piece of artwork from elementary school. Melody came across a pressed, dried, plant collage she had done as a child. After testing, she was able to create phone cases using a similar process. Each case is created with flowers, gathered by hand, from the gardens of House of Blings' owner and her friends.

House of Blings phone cases

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Hand-pressed cases using real flowers, created for your smartphone.

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Stop and smell the roses. Or text 'em.

Cases are available for several phone models including iPhone, Samsung, and HTC. Prices vary but are around $20. Flowers are laid and pressed by hand, making each case a unique treasure. You take your phone everywhere, so make sure your device carries your not only your personal data, but your personal style as well. Wildflowers turn your phone into a beautiful summer garden, one you can keep right in your pocket.