Lewis from Unbox Therapy was the one who brought us the original iPhone 6 bend test video. The video or "bendgate", as the whole fiasco was named went viral and has since been viewed over 67 million times. The bad publicity and embarrassment for Apple may have swayed more than a few customers to competitor devices.

With Apple fans eagerly awaiting the new iPhone 6S, Lewis has gotten his hands on the future phones housing. He decided to put it to the ultimate test with some technical analysis and scientific testing. The original iPhone 6 is 6000 series aluminium, very common and easy to work with, but as we saw from the original bend test, it's not strong enough. The new iPhone 6S casing contains more Zinc and is a stronger 7000 series aluminium. Lewis also points to the extra anodization coating applied to the new housing resulting in even more strength.

The results speak for themselves, the original iPhone 6 casing bends at roughly 30lbs of force. The new iPhone 6S casing did not show the same kind of bend till over 80lbs of force was applied. With the whole phone intact, Forbes reports that the original iPhone 6 bends under 70 lbs of pressure while the new one will be able to stand up to 180lbs of pressure. The new iPhone 6S will be incredibly strong and will hopefully put "bendgate" to rest.

It's important to note, these improvements will bring the production costs of the phone up as 7000 series aluminum costs up to 5x more than 6000 series. It will be interesting to see if Apple passes these costs onto its customers.

Source : Unbox Therapy

Source : Forbes