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Will.i.am unveiled his own smartwatch the PULS

By Chuong H Nguyen on 15 Oct 2014 09:02 pm

Don't call it a smartwatch. Will.i.am just unveiled his wearable 'cuff' called the PULS that keeps you connected without requiring a phone. Similar in theory to Samsung's Gear S, the PULS doesn't need to be paired with a smartphone to work and has its own built-in apps, sensors, and connectivity.

The PULS will be able to connect you to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter through AT&T's network; it can play music and track your steps while giving you your GPS coordinates. In fact, you can even call or text friends and family straight from the wrist.

The neat thing about PULS is that it will have a mirrored SIM card so if you're using your phone and the cuff, both devices can have the same phone number. This way, you can leave your phone at home and not have to tell your friends to text you on a different number on your watch.

Pricing isn't yet available, but the creator says that it should retail for less than the cost of an unlocked iPhone, which means it could be anything under $650. There will be other accessories that tap into PULS as well.

Is the PULS the watch you're eyeing? Or are options like the Apple Watch, Android Wear, and others more compelling?

Source/Image: TechCrunch

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Will.i.am unveiled his own smartwatch the PULS


Cool I suppose, but I really don't need this.

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I am not interested in this device, but seems like something perfect for this site. The whole point of this site is connected devices right?

Seems like you would at least post a decent picture of the device.

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