Wilson has released the world's first smart connected basketball aimed to help track and improve your basketball shot all while making playing more enjoyable. It looks and feels just like your standard basketball and is available in 29.5-inch official, and 28.5-inch intermediate sizes. Inside it has an undetectable smart sensor that will track your makes, misses, and range while paired with your device via Bluetooth. The app offers four different modes to make playing ball even more fun. The options include free range mode, free throw mode, buzzer beater mode and game time mode and are all designed to track individual shooter stats for shots taken at a distance greater than 7 feet. The app plays crowd noises and features sports commentators giving you feedback after each shot. The ball requires no charging and will last for up to 100,000 connected shots. That is the equivalent of 300 shots a day for five days for a whole year. It's currently available only on iOS devices, but a Google Play Store version is being worked on for a November release.

Source: Wilson via Engadget