Every parent's dream

What parent doesn't multi-task? When your baby sleeps, it's a race against time to get as much done as possible before the next feeding or snuggle session. This smart, portable monitor allows you to keep an eye on your babe while taking your multi-tasking to the next level.

Keep an eye out while keeping busy

The Project Nursery Baby Monitor is every parent's dream. It's a wearable audio/video baby monitor that uses two-way communication (no Wi-Fi needed) and allows you to keep busy while your bundle of joy grabs a few minutes of shut-eye. The 1.5-square-inch mini baby monitor can easily be tossed into your shirt pocket to keep with you when you're doing laundry or prepping dinner.

The monitor camera can talk to all of the monitors in your house (you can pair up to four cameras), so you can have room-to-room conversations with your partner or friends while you check in on baby.

The interface lets you pan, tilt and zoom to give you the best view, and you can record or snap pictures of those soon-to-be-cherished memories. Because it doesn't require a smartphone, it's a great solution for babysitters when you've scheduled your next date night.

Project Nursery Baby Monitor


The Project Nursery Baby Monitor comes with the world's smallest wearable audio/video monitor so you can keep busy and have room-to-room conversations while you check up on baby.

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Lullabye, and goodnight...

This smart monitor can play soft lullabies or white noise to lull your babe to sleep. And when you get to go to sleep, your five inch HD bedside monitor will receive alerts and notifications if the sound or motion sensors detect anything out of the ordinary, including rising room temperatures. With infrared night-vision, you can see baby clearly, day or night.

The mini monitor has a battery life of up to eight hours, the parent unit monitors lasts up to 16 hours, and the power-saving mode will help batteries last even longer. The monitor has a range of up to 800 feet with a clear line of sight.