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Win a Pebble smartwatch and 16 skins from dbrand and Connectedly!

dbrand Pebble skins
By Michelle Haag on 25 Jul 2014 04:06 pm

Your wrist is naked! Keep reading to see how you can win a Pebble smartwatch to hide your shame.

There are a lot of competitors on the market now, but Pebble still remains one of the most popular choices for those looking to venture into wearables. For those of you out there that might be looking at the Pebble, but maybe want a more customized look, there is a solution! You can now outfit your Pebble with a high quality vinyl skin from dbrand! We've teamed up with dbrand to give away a super cool prize that includes a brand new Pebble smartwatch AND 16 different skins, one in each style they offer! Keep reading to learn more about the skins and how to enter.

At dbrand, they use Authentic 3M vinyl for their skins. This ensures not only long lasting quality (rated for up to 5 years of outdoor weather resistance!) but they don't leave any of that yucky adhesive residue behind when you switch skins. They offer 16 different wraps in six true-textured finishes: Carbon Fiber, Brushed Titanium, Matte, Leather, powder-coated True Colour, and Wood so you're sure to find just what you're looking for to match your style.

Another stand-out quality of dbrand is their precision fit. I'm not sure there's another company out there that makes a better fitting skin, regardless of what device you're shopping for. Each Pebble skin retails for $6, includes a full body skin, two screen protectors, and two sets of skins to cover the four buttons. They also offer shipping worldwide, so no Pebble is left out. You can check out the full selection of skins for Pebble and many other devices including smartphones, tablets, gaming, and more over at their newly redesigned (and super mobile friendly) website.

dbrand mahogany

Now, on to the contest! To enter, use the widget below. There are several options including entering via Twitter and Facebook, but if social media isn't your thing you can simply leave a comment. Just make sure you use the widget and choose the comment option, or else it doesn't count! Each option gives you more entries and better chances at winning this awesome prize package. Winners will be chosen and announced after August 1st! Good luck everyone!

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Reader comments

Win a Pebble smartwatch and 16 skins from dbrand and Connectedly!


Nice, jus to note that everyone seems to be following Motorola's approach which is a good thing....

Yay for Connectedly contests! Matte Black would probably be my favourite skin, if I have to pick :P But they're all nice!

Hard choice but I'm kind of digging the mahogany most. But then again the Black Titanium or Titanium is cool. But then there is the .... hmmm. Too many choices.

Since our web filter is blocking the samples, I'll have to say I prefer the invisibility cloak one. Of course, it makes it hard to read the screen.

My favourite one would have to be the Mahogany wood one. It just looks so cool. I also really like the red carbon fiber.
A really cool product for a fantastic product.

I love the look of the carbon fiber. As an educator it would be amazing to have a Pebble, so that I could glace down at a notification rather than pull out my phone. Thanks for the opportunity.

Posted via Connectedly App

Not to sure if ive entered correctly but hey ho. Would be good to win if i had to pick a colour it woukd be green, purely because its my boys favorite colour :)

Posted via Connectedly App

I just bought a pair of sunglasses color bamboo, so the choice is this also for the skin! So, in a few days it will be my birthday and it would be a wonderful gift! : D

Hopefully this comment counts as an entry as the "widget" in the connectedly app doesn't seem to work too well.

I love the carbon fiber look!

Posted via Connectedly App

The best looking is also the most famous... I think it looks bitching on any phone and any phone looks bitching with it... The Carbon Fiber one...

Awesome! Would love to win this!

The carbon fiber, black titanium or dark wood one shown in the picture above would be great!

I would love the black titanium, were I to win. Though with so many options, I'd probably swap them day-by-day.