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Wink Relay is a touchscreen command center for your smart home

Wink Relay brings touchscreen command center to your smart home
By Chuong H Nguyen on 23 Sep 2014 03:49 pm

After launching the Wink Hub at Home Depot earlier this summer, Quirky is hoping that its Wink Relay will be the central command center and hub to your smart home. With built-in wireless standards for WiFi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth, the Relay replaces a traditional light switch and brings a 4.3-inch touchscreen controller to allow you to connect all things that are Wink-compatible, including lights, smoke alarms, garage doors, locks, thermostats, blinds, and more.

Though the Wink Relay supports a number of protocols, notably absent are the Z Wave standard and the wireless standard that Lutron lights and blinds use, both of which are supported via the Wink Hub. This means that though the Relay can overlap with functionality of the Hub, it cannot effectively replace the Hub just yet, at least in this hardware incarnation.

Essentially, the Relay is like mounting a smartphone loaded with the Wink app, available presently on iOS and Android, onto your wall so you can control your smart home. There are two manual control switches to give you physical control of your lights in the room.

Along with the control features, there are sensors for proximity, sound, temperature, humidity, and motion. A built-in microphone and speaker can turn the Relay into an intercom if you have more than one mounted around the house.

The Relay is quite pricey with pre-orders starting at $300 via Amazon.

Have you bought into the Wink system? Is the Relay a gadget you're looking to get or will you save the $300 and control your connected house via the app on your phone?

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Wink Relay is a touchscreen command center for your smart home


Seems silly to spend that money when you already have the wink app on your phone. Only wink compatible device I have as of right now is the smart propane tank scale. $20 at home Depot on sale.... Couldn't say no.

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I haven't had the best luck with the Refuel. Seems spotty at best most days, hoping next season it decides to work better than this year.

I've found with refuel (which took me quite a while to pair for the first time) that of you wave your hand over the sensor to "wake it up" it will re-sync up to date data. Also, to green lights on top of the sensor show how full it is. 1 light is low, 5 is full.

Finally.... Make sure in the refuel settings the proper weight of your tank is in there. My first tank with refuel the tank weight wasn't correct. I believe a standard 20lb propane tank is 17 pounds.

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Followup to my above comment (as I'm marinated salmon to grill tonight).

Refuel app said I was at 1/2 a tank. I came outside, waved my hand over the sensor, and it woke up. It started with three green lights, and then immediately went down to two. Almost instantaneously, my app said 1/4 of a tank left.

Hopefully enough to cook tonight's dinner....

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