QI Charging is pretty awesome, you simply place your QI-compatible device down on a charging pad, and it charges. No messy cables, no finicky connectors that are hard to find late at night when you're just trying to plug in your device and go to bed. Battery life becomes less of a concern when you have a QI-enabled phone and QI chargers in places where you most often put your phone down to rest.

Fone Salesman, the company who has brought us the QIStone and WoodPuck charging pads, now brings us a piece of furniture that comes with a built-in QI charger. It's called the FurniQI, and it's a small side-table made from bamboo that gets delivered to you in a what essentially looks like a Pizza box. It requires some assembly, but don't worry, this isn't Ikea style furniture that takes you half a day to put together. The FurniQi comes with a table top, four legs, four screws, and the hex key needed to assemble it all together. You also get a brown color-matching USB cable and some cable management clips to make it look like your table is just a table.

The table has a circle impression that has been lasered in to indicate the location of the charging spot, and can even make audible notifications letting you know that it's charging. The FurniQI is currently looking for project backing via Indigogo, it's selling for $119 and promises to arrive before Christmas.

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