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Withings Home is an all-in-one monitoring solution

Withings Home
By Adam Zeis on 4 Sep 2014 01:55 pm

We already know that Withings has some great connected devices — like their smart baby monitor and Pulse 02 — but now they've added a sweet all-in-one camera & monitor to the mix. The Withings Home is a 135 degree HD camera that keeps watch over whatever you'd like. It's sporting wide-angle zoom, night-vision, two microphones, and a speaker — but it doesn't stop there. The device also detects motion and noise, and sends an alert to your smartphone when it does. That means you can use it for anything from keeping watch on your house while you're out, to keeping tabs on your sleeping baby when you're not.

The $219 Withings Home also goes so far as to measure temperature & humidity inside your home, making it an awesome all-in-one device. Rather than having multiple devices to perform all these tasks individually, the Withings Home does them all in one cute little package.

No word on availability just yet, but we hope to have more details soon!

Source: PC Mag

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Withings Home is an all-in-one monitoring solution


It's getting harder to decide which way to go to make my house smarter. I have the Withings scale and Pulse and they work well (albeit the Android app on my BB Z30 won't sync directly. Syncs with iPad and then the BB syncs with the website). I'm very interested in Smartthings products but have yet to get a review from a BB user. Waiting for OS 10.3 to come out and be sure it'll all work before investing. This little camera seems like a nice add on. Would it work with Smartthings?

With a 2 month old baby, and currently using an awful baby monitor at moment, I'm really looking forward to this product. I've really been happy with the Withings scale so I expect this to be great as well.