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Hands-on with Activité Pop, Withings' new $150 activity watch

Withings Activité Pop
By Myriam Joire on 5 Jan 2015 01:18 am

Withings caused quite a stir last year when it introduced the $450 Activité, a wearable device best described as a premium activity watch. Today at CES 2015, the company launched Activité Pop, a more accessible version of its original product, which provides the exact same functionality for just $150.

That means you can enjoy the same classy water-resistant design, the same analog movement and activity goal indicator, the same embedded sensors for fitness and sleep tracking, the same Bluetooth LE connectivity, and the same 8-month battery life.

What's different then? The mechanism is no longer Swiss-made, the shell is a more basic PVD-coated metal, and the sapphire face gives way to more pedestrian glass. Activité Pop also comes in three colors – black, blue, and pale tan – with matching silicone bands plus additional colors sold as accessories. Withings still only supports iOS devices, although Android compatibility is supposedly coming soon. While it's not quite as classy as its older sibling, Activité Pop still looks and feels great on the wrist. Best of all, it's available in select Best Buy stores (and online) starting today.

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Hands-on with Activité Pop, Withings' new $150 activity watch


Really like this concept. The idea of seeing notifications on my wrist never really interested me, but tracking activity is something I could use. I kind of want a steel band option and I wouldn't mind having a second hand and a date display, but all in all this feels like a step in the right direction. What 3rd party apps will be able to consume it's data?