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World Cup referees now have a smartwatch for goal alerts

The GoalControl smartwatch, for refs that can't do their jobs
By John Callaham on 13 Jun 2014 12:15 pm

The World Cup 2014 pro football-soccer tournament is using new technology, including placing smartwatches on the referees, to make sure that goals during matches are successfully counted.

The smartwatches vibrate and display "GOAL" when a team makes a score in the match. The signals are sent to the smartwatches via a system developed by a company called GoalControl. Their system places seven cameras each, recording 500 frames a second, around both goals. When a ball goes through the goal line, the cameras record it and the system sends a signal to the smartwatches.

The technology is supposed to make lives easier for officials on the ground. In a match between England and Germany during the 2010 World Cup, a referee ruled incorrectly that a goal made by England's team was not valid. That ruling may have cost England the match and since then the FIFA organization has been testing the goal detection system made by GoalControl in an effort to avoid a similar issue in this year's tournament.

What do you think about this new technology being used in the world's biggest sports tournament and do you think it will help or hurt the game in the long run?

Source: PhysOrg via Gizmodo Australia

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World Cup referees now have a smartwatch for goal alerts


English Premier League referees have been using similar watches for the whole of last season

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If it uses cameras to detect a goal, does it also say that when the goal is offside? Because then this little gadget isn't good for the game at all.

It's about time some technology gets used! Love it! I just hope all this technology doesn't over complicate the beautiful game in the way American Football is over complicated.

This was used in one of the games yesterday. The ball went off of the side post and ricocheted back towards the goalie. As the ball bounced a few feet away from the goalie, in the playing field, the spin of the ball sent it backwards towards the goal line. The goalie grabbed the ball before it appeared, at full speed, to go over the goal line. No goal was called by the ref on the field and play was to continue. HOLD ON. One of the off field officials, my guess is the one with the watch, called a stoppage to play because the goal technology had signaled a goal. The play was reviewed and the goal was awarded. Chalk one up for technology.

This is Great Deal. Now We only need a office cameras and smartwatches for it. México lost 2 goals vs Camerún and there Where not offsides life the ones the referre call it out.

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