Virtual Reality is the future. We've seen countless of high-end VR headsets being teased, as well as a plethora of developers releasing cardboard units that offer virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way. Playing VR content has gotten fairly easy, but capturing it has been another story. That all might just change, as there's now an Indiegogo campaign for the world's first consumer 3D VR camera.

It's called the LucidCam, and it is a compact camera that you can fit in your pocket and is capable of capturing 180° wide-angle 3D video in 1080P Full HD. Now the company behind the LucidCam is hoping to raise $100,000 to jumpstart their manufacturing production and get LucidCam to the masses. They hope to be able to ship units to supporters by June 2016, and they've seen a great response and have thus far received over 61% of the pledge goal. Indiegogo supporters can help support the project by pledging $299 to get their hands on the LucidCam, and that is said to be a 50% discount on the estimated retail price.

While the LucidCam does not film 360°, reducing the camera to 180° allows for a small and easy to fit in your pocket size. Using the HDMI port on the LucidCam allows live streaming directly to your computer giving someone with a VR headset the ability to see what you film in immersive 180° virtual-reality.

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