There's a new Kickstarter campaign running for a phone charger offering something innovative. It's called UsBidi, and it promises to be the most intelligent charger you'll ever use. So what makes this cable special? Keeping your phone plugged in for extended periods of time can cause the battery to deteriorate quicker with excessive heat and mini-charging-cycles that slowly lower the max capacity of your battery. The most convenient time to charge your phone is usually overnight while you sleep, so obviously unplugging your phone once it hits a full charge is not possible. The UsBidi uses an intelligent built-in PCB circuit that will automatically shut power off completely once your battery has fully charged.

Along with battery-life saving technology, the UsBidi also promises to charge 2x as fast as conventional USB cables when hooked up to a computer's USB port. Regular cables share data syncing and charging at the same time, which causes a slower charge. The UsBidi comes with a switch that allows you to stop data sync, thus providing more resources for the charge. The UsBidi also comes with LED lights on the plug that tell you the status of your charge so you'll know when the battery has fully charged. No more running to the phone and turning the screen on just to check battery level. The cable comes wrapped in a wide variety of colourfully braided cables and has magnetic ends that allow you to store your cable in a convenient fashion.

It's available in both standard mini-USB and Lightning versions, and there are still some $18 pledge spots open that promises to get you a UsBidi by February 2016.

Pledge to get your UsBidi / $ 18